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Carbon fibre mountain bike products are simply dominated by Asian producers. This isn't always a bad thing, there are some great Asian factories out there producing good bike products. However, there is something special about the fact that We Are One Composites make all their products in house in Kamloops, Canada and something even more special about the results they're able to achieve at a very fair price point.

The Company 

We Are One Composites is a young company built by a team of dedicated and passionate riders. None more so than founder and CEO Dustin Adams. Dustin has an incredible racing history of his own having shared NORBA and World Cup podiums with greats of the sport like Fabien Barel and Steve Peat. After taking some time away from mountain biking he's back in the thick of it with We Are One Composites. He's assembled a team of like minded riders that live for mountain biking and this translates into their products. No corners cut or short cuts taken, only the best is good enough. This attitude has led to rapid progress with their product already seen on the EWS podium, Crankworx slope style gold and survived the DH World Cup Circuit. 

We Are One Composites Wheels For The Riders Australia

We Are One Quality

We Are One's unique layup process and their ability to manufacture product in house gives them a distinct advantage over their competition. Due to the way that carbon fibre deals with impacts it is critical that every piece of fibre is laid up exactly where it was designed to be. Variances can lead to weak spots and alter the ride quality of the product. Due to We Are One's unique layup process and in house quality controls they're able to create rims at a variance of 2g whilst competitors in Asia have variances of up to 20g. This kind of attention to detail combined with their design superiority sets We Are One Apart from the rest.

Rims / Wheelsets

We will be seeing the following rims from the 'Revolution' lineup in Australia available as a rim only or complete wheelsets.

  • Union - Enduro, 30mm internal
  • Convert - Enduro, 35mm internal
  • Faction - Trail, 27mm internal
  • Revive - XC / Gravel, 25mm internal

Their wide, discipline specific range enables them to get the best out of a rim for the desired discipline without compromise. Giving the best ride characteristics whilst providing all the necessary strength and durability. Pricing on rims is sharp at $899.95 each.

We Are One Composites Wheels For The Riders Australia

The Industry Nine 101 wheelsets are $2,399.95 and provide riders with a great quality product at a competitive price point. The Industry Nine 101 hub utilises a dual phase pawl engagement system which gives a high 90 points of engagement. This combined with its low drag design allows it to rival many other manufacturers top end hubs.

Industry Nine 101 Hub For The Riders Australia

There is also the Industry Nine Hydra hub wheelset option, these hubs are simply something else. 690 points of engagement. This virtually instant engagement allows riders to put the power down rapidly when its needed. Also using leaf springs for a low drag design these hubs have taken off since their launch and when combined with We Are One's carbon rims make for an amazing wheelset. The fact that they come in at a reasonable $2,899.95 just makes it even sweeter.

Industry Nine Hydra Hub For The Riders Australia

Da Package Bar and Stem

We Are Once Composites partnered with '77 Designz' to make one of the lightest bar and stem combinations on the market. Not only light, the bar is extremely strong surpassing EFBE DH standards whilst offering an exceptionally compliant ride without sacrificing control. 'Da Package' has a stealthy, sleek look to it with not over powering logos or decals. Showing off the quality of the carbon itself you can't help but turn for another look. 

The bar and stem have been designed as a holistic package and must be used in conjunction with each other. The bar has a 5 degree up sweep and an 8 degree back sweep with a 20mm rise. The stem is available in 35mm and 45mm lengths. 

We Are One Composites Da Package bar stem For The Riders Australia


We Are One Composites are proud of what they've created and stand by their rims with a lifetime limited warranty for damages that happen whilst riding. Their bar and stem combination is covered by a five year warranty. This kind of after sale support shows the belief that We Are One Composites have in their products and gives riders that added piece of mine when investing in carbon components.

We Are One Composites Wheels For The Riders AustraliaAvailability

A complete supply of Australian stock is due at the end of October. However, you can look at the lineup and pre-order wheelsets and 'Da Package' now, check them out here. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to our sales staff and they'll match you with the right product for your riding and your bike. 

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