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Sensus Swayze Single Ply Grip For The Riders

Sensus Swayze Single Ply Grip

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The OG Sensus grip. After years of R & D, multiple factories and multiple setbacks 'Sensus' prevailed with their first grip. The 'Swayze'. Made from a soft, durable compound for the best grip around they feel great on the bar. Flanges have cut lines so you can run them as is, completely cut, or partially cut for your shifter. Hard plastic bar ends included that fit seamlessly  for a smooth look, increased durability and protection. Slip them on and your ready to go!

'These are the grips I have wanted forever, so I took it upon myself to design and create them... Simple and perfect.' - Cam Zink.


-  Super soft rubber compund

- Flanges with cut lines

- Seamless hard plastic end caps included

- Length: 143mm