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20 Santa Cruz Hightower 2.0 CC 29 / 27.5+ Frame For The Riders
20 Santa Cruz Hightower 2.0 CC 29 / 27.5+ Frame For The Riders

20 Santa Cruz Hightower 2.0 CC 29 / 27.5+ Frame

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If ever a bike resembled your most cherished mix tape compilation, the Hightower is it.  Featuring our lower-link mounted shock design, updated, adjustable geometry, this “Engineering Best Of...” assembles some of our biggest design pleasers into one belter of a road-trip companion.

The Hightower has been a does-it-all-well trail bike since its inception. More maneuverable than its longer-travel sibling, the Megatower, and more at home in the steep-and-chunky than its snappy cousin Tallboy, Hightower excels when the route covers ‘all points in between,’ and descents come courtesy of some big-ass climbs. The VPP suspension’s lower-link-mounted shock creates a nearly linear leverage curve, meaning it mops up bumps of all sizes and maintains the kind of progressivity normally reserved for our V10 DH bike!  

140mm of rear travel complemented by a 150mm front end gives Hightower just a bit more front and rear travel over the first generation model. Combined with a slacker 65-degree head tube angle, the Hightower still sits squarely in the Goldilocks zone, but with a touch more “Oh sh*t get me out of here” capability when the porridge gets too hot!

So if you're looking to rip the local Brisbane all mountain trails on an efficient 29" sled yet still want a bike that will take you to local enduro races or on that riding holiday adventure to more challenging terrain the Santa Cruz Hightower 2.0 needs to be on your short list, if not the top of it. 


  • 140mm rear travel
  • 150mm fork
  • Adjustable geometry
  • CC carbon frame construction
  • Rockshox Super Deluxe Ultimate Air Rear Shock
  • Lifetime warranty
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