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Sensus Swayze Lock On Grip For The Riders
Sensus Swayze Lock On Grip For The Riders

Sensus Swayze Lock On Grip

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Designed by Cam Zink himself in search for the 'perfect' grip. After extensive development and testing we have the 'Swayze'. The grip is made from a soft yet highly durable rubber compound. The rubber compound and design not only gives you great grip but provides vibration damping from the unsettling impacts when riding. The small yet effective rubber flange for the outside lock on ('Lock-Cover') lets you hang on right to the edge of the bar for those end-grippers out there. Hard plastic Snap-cap plastic end caps are included to keep things fresh and your body in one piece if you hit the dirt. All being held down by ODI patented lock-ons this grip ticks all the boxes for all types of riding. 


  • Soft, durable, vibration damping rubber compound
  • Inner flange with cut lines, leave as is or trim as required
  • Outer 'Lock-Cover' flange to maximize usable grip space
  • Dual ODI patented lock-ons
  • Snap-cap plastic end caps
  • Made in Calafornia, USA
  • Length: 143mm