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Pedro's Cable Cutter

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The Pedro's Cable Cutter is an industry favourite and when put to the test against the competition, you'll see why pretty quickly. Cable cutters are an essential tool used for some of the most fundamental elements on the bicycle and what seems like a simple tool can often be the root of frustration. Poor cut quality can ruin brand new cable, crimp housings shut or leave strands uncut. Pedro's cable cutter has been designed for easy, comfortable usage with extra jaw overlap to ensure a clean cut every time. Capable of cutting housing, steel cables up to 4mm in diameter and backed by Pedro's lifetime warranty, these cutters will hold up for years of service.


  • Made from heat-treated tool steel to ensure the ultimate in strength and lasting performance
  • Ergonomic, cushioned grip, and high leverage design for comfort and ease of use
  • Quickly and cleanly cuts brake and derailleur cables, housing, and other wires