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Michelin DH22 Wirebead Tyre

Michelin DH22 Wirebead Tyre

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The Michelin DH22 is one of the most versatile gravity tyres in the range, favoured by DH and Enduro racers alike. It shines on soft and mixed terrain but still gives you a good level of performance on hard packed surface. The DH 22 tread pattern and super grippy Magi-X DH compound allow great stud penetration on soft terrain and stability on hard terrain.

The double-reinforced Down Hill Sheild xcasing with puncture resistant reinforcement provides the most control at low pressures with decreased flex. Bead to Bead double defence 4xPly Improves Lateral Stiffness with stronger sidewalls. To top it off, the tyre includes Pinch Protection to help absorb energy from pinch flats.


  • Weight (g)1500
  • (PSI)58/22
  • Wire Bead