Payment Plans

Studio 19

'Studio 19' gives Brisbane mountain bike riders the chance to ride our great range of mountain bikes without being locked into a long term loan or having to find all the cash at once. The incredibly flexible and competitively priced program allows you to pick a brand new bike from For The Riders to 'rent' with Studio 19. The minimum rental period is six months and if you fall in love with the bike you can opt to buy it outright from Studio 19. See a new model you like? Start a new rental to keep up to date with the most cutting edge mountain bike technologies available at For The Riders. If you're a rider who's always changing bikes and hates the hassle of selling second hand and losing money on depreciation this is the perfect program for you. Likewise, if you want to get out on a sweet bike that would otherwise be out of budget this if your chance.  

Humm Interest Free Finance

'Humm' is available at ForTheRiders offering interest-free payment plans for in-store customers. Using a payment plan is an easy way to make a purchase and then repay over time, knowing exactly how much you're paying. There are fees to set up and run your account, and to process your repayments, but given you stick to your repayments you'll know exactly how much you'll be out of pocket from the time you sign up.

Payment plans range from 6 months - 24 months depending on the size of the purchase with the minimum spend being $700.00. 


Don't want to miss out on a great deal or one of our great bikes in limited supply? Lay-by today with as little as 20% needed to secure a 3-month lay-by. For the exact payment required on your desired item contact For The Riders MTB store today.

If you'd like more information regarding ForTheRiders payment plans give us a call on (07) 3891 7561 or send your inquiry to