23 Yeti ARC T-Series Frame

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Size Large
Colour Rhino


The Arc is back. Conjuring up all the nostalgia, hoots and hollars from yesteryear. It's your instant-feedback steed for any trail. Show it your singletrack, pump track and your bikepack route too. It's got history to live up to and new history to make.

Far beyond a juiced up thorough-bred XC race bike, the ARC is built around a 130mm fork for a massively capable trail bike. A modern approach to hardtail geometry, without losing traction in the rear: riders have plenty of room to maneuver and respond to trail feedback without being too stretched out.


  • Colours: Turquoise, Rhino, Cobalt 
  • Sizing: Visit https://yeticycles.com/bikes/arc for Yeti's sizing guide