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Ems Cookie Bar For The Riders
Ems Cookie Bar For The Riders
Ems Cookie Bar For The Riders
Ems Cookie Bar For The Riders

Ems Cookie Bar

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Apri-Choc Attack
Filled with apricots, dark chocolate, almonds and dates, the Apri-Choc Attack Bar is lower in fat than the other bars and made with sunflower oil instead of butter.
Chocolate Oat Explosion
A mini version of the Original Sports Cookie has 40% less brown sugar and is made with sunflower oil instead of butter. With natural sugars from raisins, coconut and natural yoghurt.
Peanut Chocolate Bomb
Made with peanuts and sweetened with honey and rice syrup featuring no added sucrose, the Chocolate Oat Explosion Bar is wheat-free and has only traces of dairy from it's dark chocolate.
Chocolate Cranberry Craze
Made with gluten-free ingredients, the Chocolate Cranberry Craze Bar has a great sweet flavor thanks to its dates, cranberries, apricots, almonds, and coconut ingredients. Made with sunflower oil instead of butter, this bar is moist and goes down a treat.


  • Great snack for before, during and after exercising! 
  • For nutritional information please see