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Bike Bag Rental

Bike Bag Rental

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Bike Bag Rental $89.95 first week, $49.95 per additional week

** FTR is closed Sunday and Monday. Demo / rentals cannot be collected or returned on these days.
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Bicycle Bag Liability Waiver Form

I acknowledge that there are risks / hazards to when travelling with luggage and although a bike bag is designed to protect the contents it in no way guarantees its contents protection against harm and or damage. Should harm / damage to the contents occur whilst travelling I hereby release and forever discharge For The Riders, its employees, agents, contractors and volunteers from any and all claims, suits, demands, expenses, costs, actions and proceedings of any nature whatsoever, which I, my executors or administrators or any other person has or might assert against any of them arising from, in relation to, incidental to or by virtue of any injury, loss or damages suffered or sustained by me, my property or others in connection with or using the bike bag.

If the bike bag is lost or damaged beyond normal ‘wear and tear’ I acknowledge that I am liable for the replacement cost to For The Riders of the bike bag and will pay within seven days of the original rental return date.