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General Service For The Riders

22 Point Safety check

Brake lever clamp bolts

Brake caliper bolts

Brake rotor bolts

Shift lever clamp bolts

Derailleur b bolt

Derailleur cable anchor bolt

Lock on grip clamp bolts

Stern steerer clamp and face plate bolts

Suspension pivot bolts

Shock mounting bolts

Chainguide bolts.front derailleur bolts

Crank bolts


Chainring bolts

Seat clamp

Seat post bolts

Quick releases or wheel axle

Fork pinch bolts

Lubricate chain

Tyre beading and pressure: front & rear tyre psi

Frame and Welds check

General Service

  • 22 Point Safety Check
  • High Pressure Wash
  • Perfect Rear Shifting
  • Perfect Front Shifting
  • Perfect Brake Lever Feel
  • Make Brakes Drag Free
  • Adjust Headset
  • Wheel True and Tension in Bike
  • Straighten Derailleur Hanger
  • Remove BB, clean, regrease and reassemble
  • Remove crank, degrease chainring and reassemble
  • Remove Pedals and regrease threads into crank
  • Chain and cassette, remove, degrease and reinstall
  • Test Ride
Tax included.

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