Goodyear Newton ST EN Ultimate R/T Tyre

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Size 29 x 2.6
Colour Black

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The burliest gravity mountain bike tyre Goodyear currently make, the Newton ST. The tyre features large centre knobs that cut through loose surfaces and find the grip underneath. Large side knobs have added arches for support to ensure a consistent feeling as you lean the bike over in turns. Suitable for a wide range of conditions Australian mountain bike riders looking find the most grip would be wise to chose the Newton ST. Although often paired with a Newton rear tyre riders looking for maximum grip should go for a Newton ST front and rear.

This Newston ST EN Ultimate tyre is purpose build for enduro / trail riders, lighter than the DH and Premium model with a higher TPI for increased compliance and a smoother ride. The R/T rubber compound is designed to give enduro / trail riders a good blend of grip while still having a good lifespan.


  • EN Ultimate construction / technology 120 TPI
  • R/T compound - blends grip and durability