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Jagwire Hose Barb Press For The Riders

Jagwire Hose Barb Press

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Installing hydraulic hose fittings shouldn’t be done using a hammer. The delicate brass fittings in the end of a hydraulic hose can be easily crimped or not installed flush with the end of the hose. This results in potentially poor brake performance. The Needle DriverTM is a simple-to-use tool that secures the end of a hydraulic hose and allows for easy and gentle installation of both standard and Torx hose fittings.


  • 2-sided driver bit works with both standard or Torx needles, and is held in place magnetically
  • Includes bits for both T8 and T190 Torx fittings
  • Adjustable clamp securely holds hose in place during needle installation.
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