Muc Off Chainclean Machine X3 w Liquid

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Size One Size
Colour Clear


The Muc Off X-3 Dirty Chain Machine is by far the easiest way to give your chain a good scrub! The X-3 machine and Drivetrain Cleaner partner up to attack the worst of grease and grime from every possible angle to deliver the ultimate, deep clean on even the dirtiest bike chains. The fully biodegradable Drivetrain Cleaner can either be sprayed over the drivetrain or poured directly into the top reservoir of the machine, which is then released by a control button, ensuring the application of the cleaner is quick and easy to control. The abrasive cleaning teeth and rotating brush wheels which have 120 contact points cover all areas of the individual chain link for a deep and thorough clean whilst the excess dirty fluid drops into a second lower reservoir so it’s kept away from the clean chain. No more recycled grime all over the chain!

*The X-3 Dirty Chain Machine is not compatible with BMX or track chains.