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Park SG-8 Saw Guide Tool For The Riders

Park SG-8 Saw Guide Tool

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Specially designed to accommodate wider, carbon specific saw blades, the SG-8 Threadless Saw Guide ensures a straight, clean cut on 1" (25.4mm), 1-1/8" (28.6mm) and 1-1.4" (31.8mm) threadless fork steerer tubes. Still works well with standard hacksaw blades on metal components. Also works great when cutting handlebars or other round tubes from 22mm to 33mm. Simply clamp the SG-8 onto the tube and cut, letting the SG-8 guide the hacksaw blade. The SG-8’s non scratching composite body incorporates steel threads and a steel reinforcing plate to withstand the rigors of heavy shop use. The SG-8 accommodates blades up to 2.5mm (3/32") wide.


  • Slightly wider fit for carbon specific blade compatibility.
  • Guide for cutting round objects easily, accurately and safely. 
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