Pedro's Bike Lust Silicone Bike Polish

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Size 16oz
Colour White


Pedro's Bike Lust is the original bike polish with it's proprietary silicone-based formula which includes a biodegradable cleaning agent, it goes on wet, quickly cleaning light dirt and grime as it polishes, before drying to a beautiful protective coating. Working on any surface or material in one simple step, Bike Lust gives your bike a like-new look and makes future cleaning so much easier! Can't get much better than that, right? Think again. Bike Lust is SO good, it can be used on dropper posts and suspension, is great for seating tire beads and is fantastic on tires, helping shed mud and dirt as you ride. 


  • Makes your bike shine like new and keeps it that way
  • Biodegradable formula cleans, polishes, and protects in one step
  • Also great for dropper posts, suspension, and for seating tire beads