Pedro's Chain Pig 2 Hands-Free Chain Cleaner

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Size One Size
Colour Pink


A pig-shaped, chain grime eating machine, the Pedro's Chain Pig II is a hands-free chain cleaner that'll change the way you think about cleaning your chain! Providing a simple, efficient and effective way to clean the chain without making a mess or wasting valuable degreaser, each element has been designed to outperform and outlast the competition. Made from super-strong, chemical and impact-resistant plastic and featuring stainless steel button arms, the Chain Pig 2 is more than durable than ever before.

Larger diameter bristles optimized for stiffness, effective cleaning performance and superior durability won't miss a beat whilst the drag-free derailleur hook is a simple use, truly hands-free operation allowing seriously high run speeds providing a game-changing clean. The design process has not only considered efficient cleaning but also degreaser usage - using just 30mL of degreaser, less than some competitors.

Degreaser is pulled from the reservoir and onto the chain by the stage one brushes. The chain is then scrubbed from all angles before being pulled through a large durable sponge that wicks excess and contaminated fluid from the chain. The sponge also wipes the chain, filtering larger contaminants whilst minimizing mess and dripping before returning usable degreaser back into the reservoir for more cleaning. OINK OINK!


  • Pro-grade brushes and super absorbent sponge eat chain grime for breakfast and are always hungry for more
  • Surgically enhanced with stainless steel hardware and body sculpting, this pig is ready for epic drivetrain battles
  • Innovative quick-lock closure and drag-free derailleur hook for easy use and hands-free operation
  • Lean and mean, this hog requires just 30mL of degreaser
  • Compatible with most single-speed and multi-speed drivetrains