Pedro's Pro Brush Kit

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Size 4 Pack
Colour Yellow


A clean bike is the key to longevity of your bike frame, components and small parts. Longevity means less replacements and less replacements means money saved and money saved equals a happy bike owner! Keeping your bike clean is an essential part of bike maintenance and helps to ensure better performance, increased safety, easier repairs, longevity of all parts and more fun on your next ride. Pedro's Pro Brush Kit offers a set of four unique brushes designed specifically for quick and easy cleaning of the entire bike. Made with the user experience and durability in mind, each brush features an ergonomic handle whilst the bristles of each brush have been selected to provide a balance of durability, cleaning performance, and gentleness to match each brush's intended usage.


  • Brush set for full bike cleaning
  • Large frame and wheel Brush
  • Toothbrush; ideal for cogs, derailleurs, and chainrings
  • Cone brush for hard to reach spots
  • Parts cleaning brush for applying degreaser
  • Perfect when paired with Pedro's cleaner and degreaser products