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Sram GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit

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The Sram AXS wireless shifting has wowed riders with unrivalled crisp, fast and accurate shifting performance. Previously this feeling has been reserved for XX1 and X01 drivetrains with a high price tag to match but, now we have a GX version allowing more riders than ever to get the best shifting possible. The GX AXS drivetrain uses the same wireless brain and technology as it's more expensive counterparts so you know you're getting the best in class wireless technology here. So how is GX AXS so much cheaper? Mainly because it's a little heavier. Steel is used for a strong reliable and admittedly heavier finish than it's carbon fibre siblings. So if weight is a big concern for you you'd be better off looking at the other AXS options. However, if you're looking for that all day, consistent, effortless wireless shifting as you take on your local Australian MTB trails and a little bit of extra weight isn't a major concern for you the GX AXS drivetrain is perfect.


Kit includes GX Eagle AXS rear derailleur, GX Eagle AXS shifter, AXS Battery, AXS Battery Cover, AXS Battery Charger, Setup Tool.