RideWrap Tailored Protection - Forbidden Druid V1 Gloss

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Size Medium

Specific to your bike’s make model and size. RideWrap’s Tailored Protection™ Kits offer complete protection covering up to 95% of your bike’s frame.

The highest coverage available on the market, the kits are tight to extremities with strategically placed narrow seams. RideWrap’s protection film is superhydrophobic, self-healing, and ensures your factory paint job is safe from paint chips, cable rash, heal rub, scrapes, and scratches.


  • Gloss clear film
  • Fits all makes, models and sizes.
  • Designed around mountain bike geometry.
  • Designed for maximum coverage with minimal trimming
  • Made in Canada with high-quality RideWrap materials.
Includes: instructions, pre-install cleaning wipe, install solution concentrate, squeegee, microfiber cloth, and RideWrap sticker sheet.