Enduro 5 71806 LLB Bearing

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This Enduro angular-contact bearing utilizes a 52100 high-carbon chromium alloy race and grade 5 balls with 90% fill and is coated with a high-pressure, water-proof grease. When properly installed (with black seal facing in for BBs) and adjusted, the bearing engages all of its balls to distribute force and reduce wear, increasing its lifespan. This feature is especially useful for bottom bracket applications, where frequent and varying lateral loads can lead to premature failure. The bearing can easily replace most 30mm OD spindle bottom brackets, including BB30, PF30, and BB386. Offered in high-carbon chromium steel, 440C stainless steel, ceramic-hybrid, and XD-15 with ceramic or stainless balls, the Enduro line features deep groove races that accommodate large balls and dual-lip seals in a micro-groove design for ultimate protection against environmental factors.