Enduro Bearing 688 LLB C 3

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8mm x 16mm x 5mm

This radial bearing serves as both a hub and pivot bearing, making it the ideal choice for suspension applications. It is an ABEC-3 grade bearing with 52100 high-carbon chromium alloy races and Grade 10 balls. The dual-lip labyrinth (LLB) seals provide utmost protection against external elements, while retaining 90% of the Mobil XHP 222 high-pressure waterproof synthetic grease. Within the Enduro line, there are options for high-carbon chromium steel, 440C stainless steel, ceramic-hybrid, and XD-15 variants, each incorporating ceramic or stainless balls. Our bearings are expertly engineered with the deepest groove races possible, ensuring enough room for the largest balls. Moreover, the bearings are equipped with dual-lip seals that effectively navigate micro-grooves, creating a comprehensive labyrinth for extended durability and superior defense against environmental elements.