Enduro Bearing 6901 LLU Max bearing - 12 x 24 x 6

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The 6901 LLU Max bearing by Enduro Bearings is designed for maximum load capacity, making it ideal for mountain bike pivots. This bearing features a MAX design, Black-Oxide coating, ABEC-3 rating, and 12 x 24 x 6mm size. With its deep-groove design and Grade 10 balls, it offers superior lateral support for the twisting and multi-directional forces experienced by mountain bike pivots. Its full-contact, double-lip, labyrinth seals provide ultimate protection against the elements, while the Almagard extra high pressure grease and Black-Oxide/Magnetite coating ensure long-lasting corrosion resistance and worry-free performance. Trusted by top bicycle brands such as Intense and Guerrilla Gravity, this bearing is available in various materials including high-carbon chromium steel, 440C stainless steel, ceramic-hybrid, and XD-15 with ceramic or stainless balls. Each Enduro bearing is expertly crafted with deep grooves to accommodate large