Enduro Max 6902 Sealed Cartridge Bearing

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The MAX type bearings are specially designed for use in suspension pivots. Due to the unique design that maximizes the number of balls in the bearing, they are able to withstand larger loads than standard radial bearings. These bearings have deeper race grooves to provide additional lateral support for the twisting and multiple forces experienced by suspension pivots. They are also equipped with LLU seals, offering excellent protection against external elements, and are filled with 90% Almagard Extra High Pressure Grease for maximum performance. Additionally, Mobilux NGLI 2 synthetic grease is used for a 90% fill, and the bearings feature dual-lip labyrinth seals and a full complement of bearings, resulting in up to 45% increased load capacity. With their deep race grooves and specialized design, MAX bearings are the perfect choice for suspension pivot applications.