Muc Off Protect Miracle Shine Polish

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Size 500ml
Colour Silver


Looking for a high quality polish and protectant that delivers a deep and luxurious shine for your bodywork or frame? Well, look no further than Muc-Off Miracle Shine! Not only does Miracle Shine give you amazing reflective results but it also covers the treated areas with a microscopic protective layer against atmospheric pollutants. Featuring Fluoro Polymer Technology, this luxurious polish also includes Carnauba Wax as well as other highly advanced ingredients that will leave your paint finish gleaming.


  • Removes imperfections and fills minor scratches
  • Flouro Polymer technology creates a microscopic layer of protection
  • Repels water and atmospheric pollutants
  • Reduces washing and maintenance time
  • Easy application and incredible depth of shine thanks to silicon oils
  • No powdery white residue
  • Safe on paintwork, clear coat, carbon fiber, chrome, metal & plastics