OneUp Dropper Remote Clamp 22.2 Bar

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Selecting a variant of this product will allow users to attach their OneUp Components Dropper Remote (V2 or V3) to various types of brake levers, flat bars (22.2 Clamp), or drop bars (31.8 clamp). The SRAM MMX, Shimano I-Spec EV, and I-SPEC-II Adapters are not clamps, but they enable the mounting/attachment of the remote body to a rider's pre-existing clamp or brake mount. The 31.8 Clamp and 22.2 Clamp are stand-alone clamps that can be used to mount the remote body on bars without pre-existing mounts. Please note that this product does not include a remote body and is only compatible with OneUp Components Dropper Remote bodies. The 31.8 Adapter is specifically designed for use with drop bars.