Rapid Racer Products Bearing Press And Extraction Tool

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Size One Size
Colour Gold


The perfect bearing press for the home mechanic. Designed for use on linkage bearings but also compatible on many pivot and hub bearings these are a great addition to a rider's home workshop. Made in the UK the quality is great and the tool runs smoothly. In the hands of a competent home mechanic they will be able to extract and press linkage bearings in with ease making a full linkage service / bearing replacement an easy process.

Buy your bearing adapters separate so you don't pay for what isn't needed and can gradually and affordably build up your kit. Click here to purchase adapters and if we don't have the adapter you need in stock be sure to contact us for availability. 

For instructions of use please visit; http://www.rapidracerproducts.com/products/tools/bpet.html

* Please note, blue / red bearing adapters sold separate.