Rapid Racer Products Pro Guard - Bolt on Standard

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Size Standard
Colour Black


The ProGuard – BOLT ON is the first large direct mount mudguard of its type, it offers outstanding protection with the slickest most factory look available. There are no cable ties or hook and loop straps to ruin the clean lines on your bike as they are secured by bolts (supplied). We also have TILT BRACKETS which allow you to fine tune the fit angle of the mudguard, you can tilt the front/back up or down a few millimeters with 2 brackets (supplied).


  • First large direct mount mudguard of its kind 
  • No zip ties or hook and loop straps 
  • Neatest looking large mudguards on the market 
  • Easily removed in seconds 
  • Height adjustability by 6mm
  • Angle adjustability for better fit if needed via 2 tilt brackets 
  • 2 thick rubber pads to protect your forks 
  • Mini size - great all year round mudguard offering good protection 
  • Sticker recess for easy fit and sticker protection 
  • Our special proven polypropylene mix is used for maximum durability and fit
  • Beautiful styling - easy clean matte textured finish with gloss highlights 
  • Long front to cope with high speed mud and spray 
  • Small turn down at front to deflect spray and for better tyre clearance
  • Long rear with raised flick offers more protection especially when the wheel is turned 
  • Proven seal shield to increase fork protection and extend service intervals