Shimano SL-M8130 Deore XT Shifter 11 Speed Right

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The Shimano SL-M8130 Deore XT Shifter 11 Speed Right is designed to work seamlessly with Linkglide, the company's latest drivetrain system. This system prioritizes strength, durability, and smooth shifting, and is currently available in Deore 10-speed and Deore XT 11-speed drivetrain systems. In addition to providing smoother pedaling performance and reduced wear, Linkglide is also expanding to include a wider range of drivetrain groupsets, allowing for improved performance over a longer lifespan. The shifter itself features the Rapidfire Plus system, which allows for shifting down multiple gears at once and includes Shimano's 2-Way Release function for upshifting with either the thumb or finger. Additionally, the Instant Release mechanism ensures instant upshifts by releasing the shift cable as soon as the lever is pressed. Please note that the Deore XT 11-sp shifter is only compatible with Linkglide series 11-speed rear derailleurs and will