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Maydena has quickly climbed up the list on places to ride for not just Australian mountain bikers but international riders. It's a purpose built park with over 62 mountain bike tails, yep that's right, over 62 professionally built mountain bike trails! Everything from leisurely green trails to big berms, jumps and technical descents, Maydena Bike Park has it all with a huge 820m available to descend. So now we've got your attention, what do you need to know when heading down to Maydena?

Maydena Bike Park Australia Guide For The Riders Brisbane MTB store

How to Get To Maydena

Maydena Bike Park is located in the Derwent Valley in the southern part of Tasmania. Hobart is the closest major airport for both domestic and international travellers just an hour and a half away from the park while the city of Hobart itself is only an hour and fifteen minutes away. If you're not looking to hire a car the crew at Maydena have a shuttle service available to make your life even easier!

Maydena Bike Park Australia Guide For The Riders Brisbane MTB store

Maydena Bike Park Resources

Once you're there what can you expect? Absolutely everything you need but not a whole lot more, the fun to be had here is all in the park itself! A bike shop has been setup with a mechanic on hand for your service needs should an incident occur, you can even rent a bike if you prefer. When it comes time to fuel the body there is a cafe / restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with the appropriate beverage to suit the time of the day, coffee or beer. That's pretty much a wrap of what's on offer. It's a very true, Australian, small country town so if you're planning to do your own cooking etc. we'd recommend you bring your ingredients in with you!

Accessing The Bike Park

The most important part though, more so than food and water; uplifts! At Maydena you're treated to a shuttle to the top in a mini bus with your bike safely secured in a trailer. Naturally such a premium service is pay to play and there are a number of flexible options to accommodate mountain bikers, see rates and options here

Maydena Bike Park Australia Guide For The Riders Brisbane MTB store

Who's Maydena Best Suited To?

Although there are some great green trails for riders to build confidence on and more planned, intermediate and advanced riders will make the most of the terrain Maydena has to offer. With this in mind XC / trail riders who crave an adventure may relish the thrill of exploring places like Blue Derby than the raw buzz that Enduro / Gravity riders will get ripping the trails at Maydena. It's all about lapping unreal trails in amazing terrain here!

Maydena Bike Park Trails

With over 62 trails it's safe to say there is a healthy does of variety on offer here. There are beginner green trails from the summit right to the base with everything from 'blue' trails to 'pro lines' peeling off in various directions and winding their way down the hill. If you crave berms and flow 'Waratah' has been a real people pleaser and is already getting some awesome updates. Confident riders that thrive on air time will love 'The Local' and 'Dirt Church' with the option to step up to 'Maydena Hits' if they have the confidence. Or, is it tough, technical descents you're chasing? Get your dose of technical MTB riding on great blue trails like 'East Side' where you can have a tonne of fun on all day or even step up to such as 'King Brown' or even 'Zen Garden' for the more experienced riders. With so many options across the mountain built so well it's hard to go wrong here, just pick your flavour!

The Best Bike For Maydena

What bike should you be taking down? Maydena is one of the most versatile bike parks around so you could take anything from a trial bike to full blown DH race bike there. Realistically the trail bike is going to be rough and somewhat restrictive, the ideal bike for Maydena is your long travel Enduro rig. Think Giant Reign 29", Norco Range, Santa Cruz Megatower, Yeti SB150 / SB165 etc. These bikes will give you enough suspension to soak up the big hits while still being able to rip around those big, beautiful berms.

Our Top Tip

If you happen to be there on a summer's Saturday night then the mountain top BBQ is a must! There are few places in the world where you can 

Maydena Bike Park Australia Guide For The Riders Brisbane MTB store

That's A Wrap

That's your guide to the Maydena Bike Park in a nutshell. If you have more questions about what to expect when heading down to Maydena don't hesitate to reach out to their friendly team. There has never been a more important time to support Australian mountain bike tourism and it has never looked so damn good as well!

Images kindly supplied by Gerard Lagana, give him a follow for more great content!

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