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I’ve used Dakine luggage products extensively in the past from back packs to snow board bag, they look great and have functioned flawlessly. Not surprising considering Dakine offer a lifetime limited warranty across all their luggage. For The Riders is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of Dakine luggage online and in our Brisbane mountain bike store so that you’re ready for your next mountain biking trip, down the coast or overseas. 

Leading the way is the Dakine ‘Bike Roller Bag’. With full 360 degree protection and specific anchor points for your bike you can rest assured your bike is secure whether it’s a quick trip down south to Maydena Bike Park or the full Whistler adventure. A neat little addition that Dakine throw in is their tool bag, perfect for carrying the tools needed to assemble your bike as well as small parts like pedals. Having these bouncing around loose in your bike bag will only cause damage so this addition is greatly appreciated.

Dakine Bike Roller Bag For The Riders


Dakine Bike Roller Bag For The Riders                              Dakine Bike Roller Bag For The Riders

Perhaps one of the most impressive features of this bag is the fact it weighs in under 8kg, much lighter than many other offerings on the market. Another thing that Dakine have thought of is the storage of this large bike bag. Instead of taking up huge amounts of space in your hotel room, van or garage when not in use it folds down nicely to a compact size.  

Dakine Bike Bag For The Riders

Now that your bike is looked after where do you put your riding kit, clothes and tacky souvenirs? Dakine have you covered here a load of bag options including roller bags, duffle bags and back packs. The Dakine Split Roller EQ is a favourite for those big trips, available in 75L and 100L models.

Dakine Split Roller Bag For The Riders

Got a race / riding weekend coming up? The Dakine Descent Bike Duffle bag is perfect for taking all the gear you need for a solid weekend of racing or riding with mates. At 70L you can fit everything from knee pads to shoes, helmet and tools without a worry. Keeping all your riding gear in one bag when you’re not using it is actually really beneficial. We’ve all turned up to a ride before and been missing gloves, socks or a knee pad so grabbing one bag makes life nice and easy when you’re rushing out the door.

Dakine Bike Duffle 70L bag For The Riders

Check out the rest of the Dakine Luggage online or come and see us in our Brisbane mountain bike store.

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