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Sensus. You may not of heard of them but you’ve probably heard of Cam Zink. Redbull Rampage winner, Redbull Rampage best trick, biggest backflip on record, FMB world series winner. Cam’s a big deal in mountain biking. And when a rider who could put any grip he wanted on his bike couldn’t find the perfect grip, he made it.

Established in 2009 Sensus was born and Cam came out with his perfect grip. The Swayze. It wasn’t easy though. Challenges were faced in both design and production. After testing multiple factories ODI was the chosen producer of the grips. Premium quality grips made right in the USA.

Naturally Cam rides with best of the best in mountain biking. Guys who could also get whatever grip they liked on their bars. But when your at the top of the sport you want the best and it wasn’t long before the pro circuit was littered with Sensus grips.

Sensus have now expanded their range with signature models designed by Kyle Strait and Andreau Lacondeguy themselves. With a complete grip range there is something to suit every rider and their bike. Sensus grips are just as at home on a top of the line trail bike as they are a Redbull Rampage podium.

Sensus aren’t stopping with grips though with some new exciting products in the works. However, Sensus won’t be designing products for the sake of making a buck or two. Sensus will only be making products that they see a genuine purpose for and they can make better than other offerings on the market. No fancy marketing, just straight up dialed gear.

R.A.D. Trails

The latest initiative from Cam and the team at Sensus. Cam has selflessly started a non-profit company that aims to ‘leave the sport a better place than we found it’. With a team of experienced trail builders R.A.D. Trails will be ‘building safe and progressive trails all over the world, to public systems. Jumps, rollers, berms, can be bigger, better, yet safer.’ Riders from all over the world can nominate their communities project here for the guys to look over. No project too big or too small.

It’s great to see a company with a fierce passion for riding not only creating amazing products for us to enjoy but giving back to the global riding community. Sensus is truly one of a kind!

Check out the Sensus range here.

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