Making the most of your solo mountain bike rides

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With gyms and other fitness services limited there has never been a better time to get out on the Brisbane mountain bike trails! However, with self-isolation now enforced doing so may mean a solo ride. This isn't a bad thing! Riding by yourself means you can chose exactly what trails you want to ride, when you want to ride them and what pace you want to ride them. Here are five things you can do to make the most of your solo MTB riding experience.

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See The Trail differently

Now that you're not riding behind your mate hunting him down or being hunted down you've got some extra time on your hands. Make the most of it! If there are technical sections of track that you lack confidence on or just want to ride better this is a great opportunity to stop and read the terrain. Maybe there's a smoother line through the rocks or a more direct route? Have a look, find the best line and then ride the section of trail again to try it out. Next time you're riding with friends you might just pull away from them with this new found gem of knowledge.

Track Your Ride

Now 'Strava' isn't for everyone and if you don't want to log your rides that's cool. There are some advantages to tracking your rides though that aren't related to taking a KOM / QOM and you can set your rides to 'private' if you don't want others seeing them. By using Strava you can see how far you go, average speed, elevation gain / loss and more. As you don't have someone to push you along while riding these stats will help you gauge your progression as your fitness improves through regular mountain biking. With so many features available free it's a great tool for your MTB riding.

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Rely on Yourself

If you get a mechanical there's no calling out to your mate for a 'multi tool' or tube, it's all on you. Luckily just a few tools are all you need to get yourself moving again in most situations. The essentials we'd recommend are a tube, tyre levers, inflation device (CO2 or pump) and a multi tool. These can be carried with something like a Back Country Research strap or in a hydration pack. A bit of forward planning can save you a long walk back to the car and keep a smile on your face. Check out our tools and accessories.

Keep it familiar

It sounds simple because it is. There's no need to race for the KOM, hit a new line or even ride new challenging tracks by yourself. By removing these variables you're able to have a safe, enjoyable ride. So, keep to your favourite places and laps where possible, your 'classic laps'. You know and love these MTB trails so now's the time to make the most of them. Ride within your limits and have some fun! 

Solo mountain bike riders Brisbane For The Riders MTB store


If you're looking to perfect your descending skills a good, measurable test is to do a few pedal-less sections. Without pedalling to compensate for errors that rob you of speed it will quickly become clear how well you're executing sections and what areas need improving. From here you can work on these areas and easily gauge your progress! This is also a good time to practice those little party tricks, manuals, wheelies etc. in a controlled, safe environment. 

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