FTR Welcomes Pivot Cycles

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It's been a while since we've had Pivot bikes in FTR but after their recent progress and advancement in designs backed up by results on the world stage we couldn't be happier to welcome back the brand.

Pivot Cycles Australia For The Riders MTB store

Pivot was founded in 2007 and has since grown rapidly to become an iconic mountain bike brand with professional race teams competing all over the world on their bikes. 

Pivot Cycles Australia For The Riders mountain bike store

At the time of Pivot's launch Dave Weagle's 'DW Link' was dominating the sport with Sam Hill and his Iron Horse Sunday. As Iron Horse subsided due to financial stress Pivot rose with the famous 'DW Link' on their bikes. The suspension platform remains at the forefront of the sport to this day as Pivot bikes continue to propel riders to podiums across the world. 

The Suspension - DW Link

It all sounds mighty impressive with a host of world cup titles won aboard the 'DW Link' but why is it so good? The DW-Line design has been around for a very long time but has received many, many updates to become the linkage you see on these modern bikes today. The anti-squat aspect, braking performance, pedal feedback etc. can be finely manipulated within the linkage design allowing the DW-Link to be applied to many different styles of bikes. The DW-Link was tailored to the needs of DH racing to take Sam Hill to world titles just like it was fine tuned for XC purposes as Australian XC racer Jason English took his Pivot to the top of the podium on Australian soil. With so much experience in utilising the DW-Link Pivot Cycles has.

Pivot Cycles Australia Shop For The Riders mountain bike store

The Pivot Cycles Mountain Bike Lineup

Pivot have a comprehensive mountain bike lineup with everything from the Les SL XC race hard tail to the Phoenix downhill bike. The latest bike from Pivot is their redesigned Switchblade. With 142mm rear travel and 160mm up front we see it fitting in perfectly to the Australian Enduro / aggressive all mountain scene. the geometry is modern, slacker longer and lower than the previous model but not too much so. The bike hits a sweet spot where it's competent on challenging descents yet still fun to ride.

Pivot Cycles Australia Shop For The Riders mountain bike store


Pivot have already landed some of their MY21 product! If you've got your eye on a fresh new Pivot Cycles bike talk to us today and we can turn this dream into a reality. Better yet, we're pleased to say we can ship Pivot bikes Australia wide! This is our only bike brand that we can ship and we're excited to offer the 'FTR Experience' Australia wide whether you're after just a frame or complete custom build!

Check out the Pivot Cycles frames online and if any appeal to you contact us to get on one yourself! 

Pivot Cycles Australia Shop For The Riders mountain bike store

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