Santa Cruz Bullit, E-Bike Madness

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The Santa Cruz Bullit was a big travel, all out, full speed sender of a bike in it's day and now, the day has returned. This new Bullit is more than it ever was though... electric powered, long travel, mixed wheel madness.


The Bullit has 170mm of travel for a no fuss, full send rider experience. The VPP linkage ensures that this 170mm is precisely controlled with good small bump sensitivity and enough support in the middle and end stroke to let the bike ride at a comfortable height and prevent bottom harsh bottom outs. 

Santa Cruz Bullit E-Bike For The Riders mountain bike shop Brisbane

Mixed Wheel Size, 27.5" Rear and 29" Front

Just like the Heckler MX released only a few days earlier the Bullit gets the MX treatment. A 29" front wheel will roll over rough terrain easier and has a greater contact patch with the ground for enhanced grip when cornering. The 27.5" rear gives the bike a snappy and alive feeling with a shorter rear end that can be whipped around corners with ease and speed. The mixed wheel setup on such a big travel bike will give it a lighter more manoeuvrable ride feel that other long travel bikes simply can't match. 

Santa Cruz Bullit E-Bike For The Riders mountain bike shop Brisbane


Santa Crux weren't mucking around in creating one mean E-bike with geometry that will leave the bike begging to be pushed harder and harder. The Bullit sports a 64 degree head angle, 348mm BB height and 1267.9mm wheelbase (large). Check out the full geometry chart below.

Santa Cruz Bullit E-Bike For The Riders mountain bike shop Brisbane


Just like the Heckler MX the Bullit is available with the brand new Shimano EP8 motor. With 25nm more torque, 36% less drag and a whole 300g lighter than it's predecessor the EP8 is a handy bit of kit to say the least. Combined with the Bullit's 630Wh battery (removable) and you've got one of, if not the most advanced E-bike setups on the market. 

Santa Cruz Bullit E-Bike For The Riders mountain bike shop Brisbane

Who's It For

Is the Santa Cruz Bullit for you? If you're the kind of e-bike rider who wants that motor so they can get to the top of the climb and make the most of all the descents this bike is screaming your name. The Bullit will thrive at SEQ MTB locations like Mt Joyce, Toowoomba and Nerang with their rough trails giving the 170mm e-bike a workout it's designed for. 

Buy Santa Cruz Bullit E-Bike For The Riders mountain bike shop Brisbane


These bikes are expected to hit Australia in March but availability on these bikes is strictly limited with very few Bullit e-bikes getting to Australia. Starting at $13,299.95 such premium carbon e-bikes naturally come with a premium price tag. If you're keen to get your hands on one of these gems talk to the FTR team today and we can discuss your options and lock that dream bike in for you!

Check out the Santa Cruz Bullit E-bike models online here.

Looking for more of an all rounder? Check out the Santa Cruz Heckler MX.

Buy Santa Cruz E-bikes Brisbane For The riders MTB shop

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