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Scott mountain bikes Brisbane For The riders

Big news SEQ mountain bikers, we're now a Scott bikes dealer! Scott have a host of unique technologies that make their bikes stand out from the rest for all the right reasons. For instance, how does the option of putting a volume reducer in your rear shock by simply flicking a lever sound? It's sounds pretty damn cool to us and is a unique feature on some Scott bikes. It's design innovations like these that have attracted us to the brand and why we are now proudly offering Brisbane mountain bikers Scott bikes.

Scott Bikes History

Scott is a company that has prided itself on innovation and design since the first day of it's existence. For example, they made the world's first aerodynamic handlebar which Greg Lemond piloted to a Tour De France win in 1989. This would soon turn into an essential piece of equipment for competitive road cyclists with it's basic structure still in use today. Scott have been producing carbon fibre mountain bikes since 1995 with the Scott 'Endorphin' their first carbon model. The bike was a great success with victories in not only world cup events but also at an Olympic level. 

Scott Bikes Brisbane History

The Scott 'Genius' was introduced in 2003 and instantly set the mountain bike world on fire with it's revolutionary rear shock that had three adjustable positions; lockout, traction mode and full travel. Something we now take for granted as a standard feature on many bikes Scott lead the way with it's introduction. The effectiveness of the Genius's design was solidified with a world championship title. The same initiative and drive behind these creations continues to fuel the Scott bikes development today as they integrate new technologies and designs into their modern mountain bike line up.

The Scott Mountain Bike Range

So what's on offer in Scott's current line up? lots. Seriously though, there are a tonne of different bikes for different uses and they all come in varied specs to suit different budgets.

Scott Spark RC
A thoroughbred XC bike that's been proven by none other than Nino Schurter who completed the perfect XC season, every World Cup win and a World Championship title. Proof that Scott's technical innovations are more than just numbers and graphs, transferring into podium topping performance. 
Buy Scott bikes Brisbane For The Riders MTB store
Scott Spark
With 130mm up front and 120mm of rear travel the Scott Spark is the short travel trail bike that is built to take you wherever you want to go, and further. Pedal friendly and descent ready these are well suited to our Brisbane MTB trail network.
Scott Spark For The Riders Brisbane mountain bike shop
Scott Genius
Set with 150mm of front and rear travel with a host of Scott's suspension innovations the Genius is the most versatile bike within Scott's mountain bike line up. We're expecting these models to be seriously popular!
Scott Mountain Bikes For The Riders MTB shop Brisbane
Scott Ransom
Scott's big, long travel Enduro bike, 170mm front and rear. Yet, it's no slouch on the climbs thanks to Scott's 'TwinLoc' system letting you pedal this big travel bike obscenely fast uphill. If you're looking to crush Enduro races and big terrain the Scott Ransom is ready for you.
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Scott Gambler
We don't see a tonne of downhill bikes these days but that never stops us getting excited about them. The Scott Gambler has unreal speed and is piloted by one of Australia's fastest downhill racers, Dean Lucas, on the world cup circuit.
Buy Scott Gambler DH mountain bike Brisbane Scott dealer For The Riders

For The Riders Scott Mountain Bike Range

Initial Impressions of Scott mountain bikes

We've been lucky enough to already see a few of the Scott models roll through the door and even have some ride time on them. It was immediately noticeable that the bikes are manufactured to a high standard with a very tidy finish. Although a smaller detail, we also all commented on how good these bikes look. They have great clean lines and whoever has been choosing the colours for these bikes needs a pay rise!

Most importantly, the ride of the Scott mountain bikes. On paper these are some of the best pedalling bikes thanks to their 'TwinLoc' technology and light weight stature. Riding a Scott mountain bike on the Brisbane MTB trails quickly confirms that these are the real deal with best in class climbing capabilities. For example, the Scott Ransom feels like it pedals better than some competitors 130mm travel trail bikes! Although climbs aren't a priority for most Brisbane mountain bikers having more energy to attack the next descent can only be seen as a good thing.

For The Riders Brisbane Scott mountain bike store

The lightweight nature of Scott bikes is once again noticeable on the descents as the bikes are inherently easy to manoeuvre and flick around on the trail. When things sped up and got rougher the bikes also held their own with a stable and confident feel. As a whole our initial impressions of Scott mountain bikes have been great and we look forward to spending more time on them in the future.

Brisbane Scott mountain bike store For The Riders Scott Genius

For The Riders' Scott Mountain Bike Range

Like what you see? We don't blame you! You can now check out MY21 Scott mountain bikes online now or better yet come in store and check them out in the flesh. 

Scott mountain bikes Brisbane For the Riders MTB shop

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