The First Upgrade for your Mountain Bike

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So you've been enjoying your new mountain bike, it's increased capabilities have given you the confidence to ride faster and have more fun on the bike. But, is there more speed and comfort you can get out of the bike? More often than not, yes. Manufacturers do a great job of putting a range of parts on their bikes that suit a wide range of riders and conditions, by fine tuning some parts to your riding style and the local Australian MTB terrain you ride your bike can instantly handle better and make you a more comfortable and faster rider. Here are three easy places to start.

Mountain bike upgrades For The Riders Australia

Mountain bike grips

Your hands aren't the same as everybody who has purchased the same bike as you so why should your grips be? Being two of five parts of your body that actually touch your bike having the right grip can make a huge difference to your comfort when riding. Due to everybody's different hand sizes and shapes there may be some trial and error before you find your perfect grip. The good news is that grips are normally no more than $60 and a consumable part so it's easier to experiment with grips than most bike parts. To get you started here are some recommendations for you.

Small / Medium hands - Sensus Lite, blend of forgiveness and control.

Medium hands - ODI Elite Pro, uniquely textured with a subtle curve across the palm.

Large hands - Sensus Meaty Paw, soft and tacky, our most popular big grip!

Buy Sensus grips Australia Meaty Paw For The Riders MTB shop

Mountain bike tyres

Tyres may not be the most shiny, exciting new part you can put on your bike but being that they're the only thing connecting your bike to the ground their importance is huge! In Australia our mountain bike trails vary greatly so we often need a tyre that can handle the dry, loose and dusty terrain confidently but won't let us down when things get a little wet. Once again your local terrain and riding style will have a big impact on your tyre choice but to get you started here are the combinations we've found work best locally. 

Enduo / DH MTB - Maxxis Assegai front, Minion DHR II rear

Trail / All mountain - Maxxis Minion DHF front, Maxxis Aggressor rear

XC - Maxxis Ardent Race front and back or put a Maxxis Ikon on the rear for faster rolling speed.

Maxxis mountain bike tyres Australian MTB store For The Riders

Mountain bike handlebars

Controlling where your bike goes is pretty important! Having the optimal handlebar can make all the difference with not only precise steering but comfortable angles / rise and vibration damping to make for a more comfortable ride. Comfort in your cockpit setup is critical as having an uncomfortable setup can increase fatigue. Reducing fatigue will allow you to ride faster for longer!

Best mountain bike handlebars

That's a wrap on three areas to upgrade you mountain bike. If you have any questions about part selection don't be afraid to reach out to the For The Riders team! Send us an email, give us a call or better yet come into our Brisbane mountain bike store and check out the range in person.

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