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The For The Riders full service covers your bike's drivetrain, brakes, wheels and more so that your MTB is performing at a high level so you can too! But, what exactly do we do in the 'Full Service' for our Brisbane MTB customers? Let's take a look.

For The Riders Brisbane mountain bike shop mechanic full service

Drivetrain Care

Brisbane bike servicing MTB For The Riders Full workshop mechanic

Your drivetrain is subject to some serious abuse when you stop and think about it. All that mud, dust and dirt grinding on the chain as you hammer on the pedals for hours one end. It's literally what allows us to get up the hills to enjoy that next sweet descent, so it's important that we get this functioning as best as possible for you! In the FTR full service you'll receive a new sealed gear inner and outer cable set while the drivetrain components will be removed from the bike for a full degrease and clean. The hanger will be checked / straightened and your bottom bracket removed and serviced. Re-assembling all of this your gears will shift better and have less drag as they're free from built up containments that hinder performance. A new gear inner and outer cable will not only make for a smoother shift lever feel but also a more reliable shifting system. Last but not least the drivetrain will be quieter and should feel smooth under foot with that bottom bracket freshen up and clean chain.

For The Riders Brisbane MTB workshop repairs service

Brake Care

Your brakes are also attended to as the For The Riders MTB mechanics check your pad wear before making sure the wheels spin drag free. This will remove any annoying sounds from your brakes dragging as you ride while most importantly making sure you're not being robbed of speed un-necessarily. Your brakes will also receive a lever bleed to pull out air bubbles in the brake lines that can hinder performance.

Wheel Care

Another part that is subject to a seriously rough time on your bike is the wheels. As you land jumps, charge through rock gardens and lean hard into those turns your wheels bear a tonne of load! It's not uncommon for mountain bike wheels to loose tension or come out of true after a long period of riding or particularly big impacts. Loose spokes will make for a flexy, weaker wheel which can lead to a big failure on the trails which is not only dangerous but can be very expensive to repair / replace. The For The Riders mechanics address this by giving your wheels a true and tension so their strength is restored and the ride feel is more solid and predictable. 

For The Riders MTB shop full service Brisbane

The Finishing Touches

Although the focus is primarily on the three areas above there are some other smaller parts of the service that make a big difference to the bikes feel and durability. A quick and important one is the removal and re-install of your pedals with the threads greased. Bound up pedals in cranks can be a nightmare to remove down the line! The Headset is also serviced to make sure the bearings are still running well for smooth and comfortable handling. Gritty, worn headsets can give riders a grainy, rough feeling when turning the bars which nobody wants!

And of course, a big clean and polish so your bike isn't only feeling fresh but looking it as well. Our mechanics use the highly effective 'Maxima SC1' polish to finish off the bike. This stuff can make nearly any bike look new again!

For The Riders Brisbane MTB service workshop repairs

The Complete List

  • 22 Point Safety Check
  • Full Wash and Polish
  • Perfect Rear Shifting
  • Perfect Front Shifting
  • Perfect Brake Lever Feel
  • Make Brakes Drag Free
  • Brake Lever only Bleed
  • Adjust Headset
  • Disassemble headset, clean regrease and reassemble
  • Adjust hub bearings
  • Wheel True and Tension in Bike
  • Straighten Derailleur Hanger
  • Remove BB, clean, regrease and reassemble
  • Remove crank, degrease chainring and reassemble
  • Remove Pedals and regrease threads into crank
  • Chain and cassette, remove, degrease and reinstall
  • Replace gear inner cable and outer casing
  • Test Ride

That's A Wrap

The For The Riders full service is designed to cover critical areas of your bike including the drivetrain, brakes and wheels to make sure your bike is not only safe but performing to a high standard. With so many areas of the bike being cared for at $299 it's one of our most popular services. If you'd like to get a full service on your mountain bike at our Brisbane bike shop you can book online or contact us to discuss your service options. 

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