What is 'FastHouse'

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With a rich brand culture based on the ‘good old days’ ‘FastHouse’ combine modern technologies with timeless styling.

‘FastHouse’ holds near and dear the days where life was simple. Fewer rules and regulations and many good times. The emerging motocross scene was something to behold. Fitness although appreciated took a back seat to pure talent and guts. Big personalities making a name for themselves on and off the track as the fun rolled on. Reflected in one of FastHouse’s slogans ‘We race sometimes'. Entering the apparel game in motocross they quickly built a name for themselves. Quality apparel utilising quality materials at a reasonable price point.

Taking what they learned from their premium motocross apparel and putting it into a full MTB range Fast House have come into the MTB market in top gear. Great products that are easily recognisable by simple, clean and defined designs with some old school stars and stripes thrown in for good measure.

The FastHouse jersey lineup features light weight breathable material front and back. Ventilation is then enhanced with a mesh panel across the sides. The kind of jersey and materials you expect from an industry veteran right off the bat in their initial entry into the MTB market. 

The FastHouse gloves are a real standout in the range and already many moto riders go to. Getting a glove to fit right sounds simple yet not many achieve a fit like FastHouse. Tight in all the right places with no bunching or discomfort these have already turned heads here at FTR.

The 'Crossline' short offer riders a tough and durable short that is still fit for long days in the saddle. The material is thicker than many standard trail shorts and represents more of a tough Enduro / Gravity short option. With four zippered pockets you'll have all the storage space you need for your phone, wallet, snacks etc. on any ride.

It's great to see a brand enter the market with a fresh image focused on good times on two wheels, something we can all relate to. We're pumped at what we've seen from FastHouse. So much so we've already placed another order! 

Check out FTR's FastHouse range.

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