When To Bleed Your Mountain Bike Brakes?

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In order to ride your mountain bike fast you need to be able to stop fast. When your brakes lack in performance it not only becomes dangerous to ride but slower. It sounds strange but having the right brake feel and power will enable you to brake later, harder and with more control. The result, a faster ride. Riders often don't notice the performance of their brakes gradually decrease over time yet when they're attended to will greatly appreciate what they've been missing out on. A quick brake bleed can be all it takes to get your brakes firing at their best again!

When does my mountain bike need a brake bleed?

There can be some tell tale signs to warn riders that its time to get a brake bleed, the most common being;

1. 'Spungey' lever feel - If you're squeezing that lever and getting a soft, squishy feel as the brake engages instead of firm resistance against your braking finger its time to get your brakes looked at.

2. Inconsistent lever engagement - Starting you're run with a nice firm brake actuating 20mm from the bar and ending the run squeezing the lever 15mm from the bar to get some power on? Time to get your brakes checked. 

3. Reduced Performance Under Heavy Braking - If you're on long runs and it feels like you're having to pull harder and harder on your brake levers as you go descend to get that stopping power it sounds like your brakes need some TLC.

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Bleeding Your Brakes

If you're a capable home mechanic looking to learn a new skill brake bleeding is a good one to have up your sleeve. There are many YouTube videos from manufacturers that will take you through a step by step process that you can watch and follow as you go. We have a range of brake bleed kits available, the Jagwire kits in particular are great as they come with multiple fittings for different brake brands / models. We also have Dot Fluid and Mineral Oil available to suit your relevant brakes!

For The Riders Workshop Professional Brake Bleeds

Our professional bike mechanics at the For The Riders Brisbane workshop have bled more brakes than you can count. Whether you've got Sram, Shimano, Hope, etc. we can get your brakes back to their best with lever bleeds $20 and full bleeds $40 an end or $70 for both. Not only will our mechanics give your brakes a first class bleed, they will check your pad / rotor wear etc. to make sure you're brakes are performing to the best possible standard. If you'd like to get a brake bleed with For The Riders book your bike in online.

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