2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy 4.0

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2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy 4.0 Australia Bike Shop

The latest upgrade to Santa Cruz's lineup is a big one. The Tallboy model is infamous and the latest update is one of the biggest we've seen. 29" wheels, 120mm rear travel 130mm fork, 65.5 degree head angle and Santa Cruz's lower link driven VPP design, this bike is ready to go faster than ever.

2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy 4.0 trail bike FTR

The lower link driven VPP design has previously been reserved for Santa Cruz's gravity bike range with the Tallboy being the first shorter travel bike getting update. This is very exciting as the progressive linkage design will reward riders pealing efforts well whilst giving them the added confidence when the terrain gets nasty. There is also the added bonus that the weight of the shock and linkage is lower in the frame dropping the centre of gravity to enable for a more agile ride. 

2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy Trail Bike For The Riders

The geometry of the bike has also had a complete over haul with some of the most progressive numbers we've seen on a short travel bike. A 65.5 degree head angle (low setting), 430mm chainstay length and 1211mm wheelbase (large) will give riders a bike stable at speed yet snappy in corners. If you're looking to tweak the ride of the bike to your local MTB trails and personal preferences this is possible with a high and a low geometry setting as well as the option to increase the chain stays 10mm.

2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy 4.0 geometry

Who's it for?

Riders who love to ride popular Brisbane mountain bike trails Gap Creek XC tracks, Daisy Hill, Cornubia etc. will relish the new Tallboy 4.0 updates. The bike will be zippy on the climbs yet have the confidence inspiring geometry and extra travel to allow riders to let off the brakes and make the most of the descent. 

2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy 4.0 bike for the riders


The Tallboy is available in a variety of spec options with frames starting at $5,499 and C S level completes from $8,099. The Tallboy 4.0 is due in Australia October and we've already ordered a demo bike for our rental fleet available at out Brisbane mountain bike store. If you're interested in getting your hands on the latest short travel rocket from Santa Cruz talk to our sales team today and they'll talk you through your options and make sure you end up on the best bike for your riding. 

2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy 4.0 Bike For The Riders

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