Ride Concepts MTB shoes Hit Australia

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The Australian mountain bike shoe market took a hit when Five Ten withdrew supply to Australia. With Adidas owning the brand there are some big things going on and although we can pray that long term they will return short term, mountain bikers need shoes. Fortunately, the timely uprising of 'Ride Concepts' has come along with some former Five Ten employees developing great shoes for this exciting brand. They already have some serious names riding the gear including the Athertons and Kyle Strait so we've been eagerly awaiting these new shoes. 

Many things make a great flat pedal shoe but all are in vain is one thing isn't right, the rubber. Grips is the make or brake factor and 'Ride Concepts' appreciate this and have developed three rubber compounds to suit specific shoe models. Initial impression  are pretty damn convincing and we can't wait to try them on the bike. 

Ride Concept MTB shoes Australia


The Livewire balances on trail performance with casual looks to give riders the best of both worlds. A stiff sole and their DST 6.0 High Grip rubber compound will ensure you're riding performance is steadfast. After all those laps when you're heading to the shop or even the bar on the way home you won't feel like you're in a space boot due to their subtle and casual styling, perfect. 

Ride Concepts Live Wire MTB Australia


This purpose built flat pedal mountain bike shoe is ready for your wildest ride. Utilising their DST 4.0 Maxx Grip compound and a stiff sole you'll have the best grip on offer from Ride Concepts. You're digits are also protected from impacts with a hard toe box and heel protection. Furthermore, D30 technology has also been implemented in the shoe and insole to ensure added protection and comfort. 

Ride Concepts Powerwire MTB Shoe For The Riders

Transition Clipless

The flat pedal riders can't get hog all the new toys so we've got a fresh clipless shoes for those riders who like that locked in feel. Once again D30 technology is utilised to make sure you're not only protected but as comfortable as possible. Matched with a firm sole and precise fit these are sure to impress.

Ride Concepts Transition MTB Australia

If you want to see the Ride Concepts MTB shoes for yourself come and visit our Brisbane mountain bike store or shop online to get them delivered to your door.


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