2020 Yeti SB140

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A bike built for fun. Although capable inside the tape the 27.5" Yeti SB140 offers a more playful ride than most making it a fun machine, designed to jump, jib and rip all over the mountain.

2020 Yeti SB140 Orange Complete


Sporting 140mm rear travel driven by Yeti's famous 'Switch Infinity' linkage with 160mm forks up front the bike is capable of taking on everything from the bike park to your local XC loop. Yeti's 'Switch Infinity' suspension design is renowned for being able to smooth out the rough stuff giving riders the control they need to ride fast and effectively. However, where the SB140 will really come into its own is on flowy trail / enduro tracks. The shorter travel progressive suspension design allows riders to get increased drive through corners and off jumps, propelling riders forward, making getting that gap and linking the section that little bit easier.

2020 Yeti SB140 frame grey


Sticking to the 'fun' theme the geometry numbers of the SB140 lets riders get the bike off the ground and sideways effortlessly. The 65 degree head angle really hits the sweet spot for this kind of bike, stable where you need it to be yet agile when desired. A short rear centre of 433mm means riders will have no problem whipping this bike around a turn or squaring up the inside line. 

2020 Yeti SB140 rider style

Who's it for?

Its impossible to confine such a versatile bike like the SB140 to one style or group of riders as it fits the bill for so many. Riders looking to dart around Gap Creek during the week yet flow the 'Mini Freeride' like at Boomerang Farm on the weekend on a light and 'whipable' bike will relish what the SB140 offers. As will the trail / all mountain purist who enjoys a playful bike on those long adventures, or the Enduro racer that loves the feeling of leaning over a 27.5" through the turns at Garapine. This bike offers so much! If you're curious if the SB140 is the bike for you get in contact or visit us at our Brisbane mountain bike store and we'll make sure you get the right bike for your riding. 

2020 Yeti SB140 Turquoise Turq complete


The SB140 Turq series carbon frame with Fox Float Factory DPX2 shock is RRP$5290 for 2020 whilst completes start at $8490 with GX level components. If you're interested in the Yeti SB140 options let us know and we'll help you get on this exciting new bike. 

2020 Yeti SB140 jumping

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