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4 MTB Holiday Essentials

You’re all booked in for the dream riding holiday with your mates. You’ve put in the Km’s before the trip, scoped out all the tracks on trail forks and looked at more helmet cams online than you can count. You know the tracks back to front and you haven’t even ridden them. But, a minor over sight in preparation can turn that dream day riding into a disaster. So here are four essentials that we believe everybody rider should do to prepare themselves for their perfect riding holiday.

1. Derailleur Hanger

Taking on some exciting rowdy terrain on your trip is always a thrill. Overcome with excitement it's not hard to bite off more than you can chew and have a crash. If there is an impact to your bikes derailleur there is a chance you'll bend your derailleur hanger. It's nothing to panic over, these are designed to fail before your derailleur. The sacrificial lamb that will save your wallet from a bigger hit then needed. But, sourcing derailleur hangers can quickly become a nightmare. They can be brand, model and year specific. Even if you're near a shop are they going to deal your brand of bike and have the hanger in stock? It’s a risk not worth taking. Talk to us about getting the right hanger for your bike before you go.

2. Bike Bag

We’ve all seen the horror stories online of a bike box turning up at a rider’s destination looking like wrapping paper over a bike that’s tried to turn into a transformer. A damaged bike in transit can stop your riding holiday before you’ve even seen the dirt. However, bike bags exist. Specifically designed to cradle your bike as it flies to your destination. A regular traveller would be wise to invest in one, see what we have to offer here. Otherwise, if you’re not travelling regularly but still want that added security, we have an easy solution. EVOC bike bags are available for hire from FTR starting at just $50 per week. Contact us to book one for your next holiday.

3. Brake Pads

There are some pretty big mountains overseas with some pretty epic descents. ‘Top of the World’ in Whistler can easily take over half an hour to get to the bottom depending on your tracks of choice. Naturally things can get pretty hot for your brakes and pads can be eaten up quickly! As a result we recommend taking two spare sets of brake pads with you so you’ve always got an extra handy before metal meets metal. Stock up on brake pads here

4. Pre-departure Bike Check

Although you can't take us with you (we'd love to come), we strongly recommend you get your bike checked over in the ‘For The Riders’ workshop before you go. That way you know your bike will be running at its best and you won’t miss out on ride time unnecessarily with your bike in for repair. We can even help you get your bike bagged / boxed up for you. Book your bike in here and we'll get your bike primed to go! 

So there you have it. Three four additions to make sure that all day epic and the entire trip is memorable for all the right reasons; glorious views, trails and good times.