What makes Giant, Giant?

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It’s a well-known fact that Giant are the biggest high-end bike manufacturer in the world. It wasn’t always the way though. Founded in 1972 they have come a long way and it’s no accident they have achieved such heights. A dedication to creating quality bikes designed to inspire your cycling passion, combined with a hard work ethic, has put them at the top. We’re proud to be working with Giant Australia to serve the local mountain bike scene.


With Giants large production capabilities they have been able to experiment with new technologies throughout their existence. Leading the way in mass production carbon fibre bikes in 1987, they were the first bicycle manufacturer utilising computer aided design (CAD) and volume production techniques to release a carbon fibre bike available to the masses. 

In 1995 they entered the mountain bike race scene. A company like Giant doesn’t do things by half measures and got MTB legend ‘John Tomac’ on board. Giant quickly built a name around their race team. This racing pedigree continues to this day having featured riders like Rob Warner and Danny Hart who piloted their Giant bikes to victories on the world stage. In 2013 Giant were one of the first companies to introduce a complete offering of 27.5” mountain bikes. Consumers and races thrived on these designs and continue to do so today. Giant are now brining out 29” trail bikes that have already impressed critics. Having created pedal assist commuter bikes for many years Giant have now also entered the E-Bike mountain bike market. The ‘Trance E’ their most notable offering already a firm favourite with staff here at FTR. With more big wheeled bikes and E-mountain bikes inevitably on the way there is lots to be excited about with the future of Giant.


The Maestro suspension design is tested and proven since it’s creation in 2004. Since then it has been manipulated and refined but still encompasses the same original design traits. It utilises four pivot points and two linkages to create a floating pivot point. This is designed to maximize pedalling efficiency across their dual suspension range. The near vertical wheel path that is achieved ensures Giant bikes have a consistent, predictable feel throughout their travel. The rear wheel has great traction due to the linear leaverage curve, allowing maximum control when you need it. All in all, the Maestro suspension will give you a predictable ride that loves to hug the ground and hold traction when you need it.


With so much experience on such a large-scale Giant make great bikes and utilise their size to offer them at an incredibly competitive price point. Their modern range continues to utilise state of the art manufacturing and design processes to produce the high-quality product you see on our showroom floor. Utilising state of the art factories that specialise in carbon and aluminium frame construction the quality of bike that Giant produce along with the component selection is well above their price tag. This is made possible by the influence that comes with being the biggest high end bike manufacturer in the world. Click here to see the Giant range for yourself, or better yet come in store and let us show you the goods!

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