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We're please to announce that we have a new boutique brand joining the For The Riders range. A brand that already has heads turning, riders thrilled and great reviews from across the globe. Forbidden Bike Co.

'Forbidden Bike Co.' is a brand built from the passion of a few dedicated riders. In the search for their perfect trail bike they came to the conclusion they would have to leave their jobs at successful, big bike companies. Removing the pressures of market trends and sales targets, allowing them to design a bike with complete freedom. After stressing over every part of the frame from linkage design to materials, manufacturing processes, geometry and more their first frame is now available. The Forbidden Bike Co. 'Druid'.

And what bike it is. A 29" full carbon trail bike with 130mm rear travel designed for a 140mm / 150mm fork. These numbers aren't uncommon for modern trail bikes but what is strikingly unique, the linkage design. Forbidden's 'Trifecta' linkage utilises a high pivot point. High pivot linkage designs have been seen on the world cup DH circuit renowned for their superior suspension performance. However we're yet to see a high pivot linkage design executed to its full potential on a trail bike. Until now. 

While many manufacturers talk about a rearward axle path they are often only referring to part of the travel. By using a High Pivot linkage the Druid actually has a completely reward wheel path. This enables the rear wheel to move with the impacts of rough terrain instead of pushing back against the trail impacts. This natural movement of the rear wheel enables riders to hold more speed in rough terrain. 

They've also taken a different approach to the geometry of the bike. Traditionally a small bike will have the same chain stay (rear centre) as the X-large in the same model. When you look at a riders weight distribution through the bike and into the suspension / tyres it is a clear compromise that a 5ft 6" rider would be on the same rear centre length as a 6ft 6" rider. The balance of the bike will feel completely different for each rider. As a result Forbidden rear centre lengths are actually specific to the frame sizes ranging from 414mm to 450mm. They've also taken this theory one step further steepening the seat tube angle as the frame size increase in order to maintain the best pedalling position for riders. This level of attention to detail means that a small rider on a small frame will have the same balanced feel to the bike as an X-Large rider on an X-large frame. This level of attention to detail shows Forbidden's dedication to ride quality and sets them apart form the rest.  

Frames are due to arrive mid September and we will be building up a medium and a large demo bike so you can experience this amazing bike for yourself. The frame retails for $4999.95 and comes with Fox DPX2 Performance Elite shock, E*Thirteen upper idler guide and E*Thirteen bash guard. These bikes are going to be hot property so if you're interested make sure you get in contact with us today to learn more or secure yourself a frame. 

For further information check out the Australian Importer 'DanJas Imports' website or the 'Forbidden Bike Co' official site

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