Chromag Scarab Review

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The flat pedal market is flooded with different options. A lot of them damn good options. So where does the Chromag Scarab rank? We've thrown these pedals at anything and everything our Australian mountain biking conditions have to offer to find out.

Chromag Scarab Pedal Australia review For The riders MTB store

Chromag Scarab

Although we haven’t had as much exposure to the Chromag range as other places around the world the Scarab has been a Chromag staple for years now. The Scarab features a large 110mm x 105mm aluminium pedal body which is subtly concaved under foot and 13mm thick at its thinnest point. Combined with 40 pedals pins there should be no excuse for lack of grip. Naturally they come in a huge range of colours so you can match them to your bike perfectly. But, what looks good on paper doesn’t always translate to performance on the trail.

The Feel

I was very comfortable with my old pedals, grippy light and secure, why change a good thing? Because there can be better, and the Scarab is.

Chromag Scarab Pedal Australia review For The riders MTB store

The slight concave under foot made a surprising difference in feel as it really planted the weight of my foot on the pedal making for a more comfortable ride. At no point riding these pedals have I ever doubted their rigidity under load from either cranking or landing. These pedals will feel solid and confidence inspiring under your favourite riding shoes.

One unique feature that really showcases the quality of these pedals is the pins. They aren’t just grub screw but rather specifically designed pins. Constructed from hardened steel they have proven to be the strongest pins I’ve used. You can also adjust the pin height due to the clever use of washers on the pins. I never needed the extra height for grip but for those riders who want the best grip or aggressive DH riders this could come in handy.

Chromag Scarab Pedal Australia review For The riders MTB store

One thing that became evident using these pedals is just how tough they are. I’ve broken my fair share of quality pedals before. Regrettably on my first ride I was scraping the Scarabs through some ugly rocks, grimacing each time. Although scratched up and a little uglier, they are straight as ever and still feel just as good.


It can’t all be sunshine and rainbows, nothings perfect. So if we’re going to get picky this strength comes at the expense of weight. Coming in at 430g they aren’t the lightest set of flat pedals on the market. In this upper price range its not hard to find a nice set of pedals that slide in under 400g. However, will these pedals have a platform that is as wide and strong as the Scarab?

The Verdict

In conclusion, Chromag nailed it with the Scarab. At a glance it looks like most flat pedals on the market but with its concaved platform, custom pins and superior strength it is far from most pedals on the market. But perhaps the biggest compliment I can give these, they are my favourite flat pedal available right now. 

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