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Mt Joyce is about an hour and fifteen minute drive from Brisbane but, the trails are worth the drive! The quality MTB trail network has been home to state and national level MTB races attracting riders from all over Australia. The area caters to the widest range of riders in one location with trails for X-country, trail / all mountain, Enduro and DH riders. The terrain is often loose and dusty so good tyres are a must, from our experiences Maxxis tyres have served us well. Its one of the more rocky locations to ride so make sure you take a tube / pump with you in the case of a puncture, it's a long way home with a flat tyre! If you're riding here frequently we'd recommend Maxxis 'Double Down' side wall tyre on the rear and sometimes the front as well for extra puncture protection.

Parking is available at Wyrmalong Damn where you can ride into the trail network from here. The area is managed by SEQ Water, contact them if you are unsure of the status / condition of the trials!


Beginner riders are recommended to stick to the x-country loops whilst they develop their skills. Although there are many beginner trails closer to Brisbane we encourage riders to make the trip out to Mt Joyce. The new terrain will provide a different riding experience and help progress your skills accordingly. We recommend trying out the 'Secret Valley Loop' or 'Tunnel Vision'.


Intermediate riders are well rewarded with technical terrain at Mt Joyce as the trails take advantage of their rocky surrounds. 'Bovine Groove' is a Mt Joyce classic and gives riders a long descent after the solid climb to the top. If you don't want to go straight to the very bottom after your climb a quick lap down 'Big Bertha' is always fun and allows you to turn back to the top for another lap a little easier. 


An advanced Enduro / gravity rider will get the opportunity to test their skills at Mt Joyce on a range of difficult terrain. The black trails offer rock gardens, gap jumps, steep chutes and drops to keep you on your toes. As a result we recommend a slow ride down these tracks first so riders can stop and look at obstacles before attempting them. Once you're familiar with the tracks build up your speed accordingly. 'Black Rock' is an Enduro riders favourite offering a long yet fast and technical descent. If you're after a short, thrilling ride then 'Scorpion DH' is a must. 

Bike Recommendations

At a facility like Mt Joyce there are many bikes you can ride depending on your favourite type of trails. However, if you're looking for one bike to ride all the tracks at Mt Joyce we recommend an 'Enduro' bike so you can make the most of the technical descents. We've got many great options in our Brisbane mountain bike store, a few great examples include the Giant Reign 29" and Santa Cruz Bronson. If you're after expert advice to pair you with your perfect bike don't hesitate to contact us or visit in store. As Australia's mountain bike specialists stocking over seven leading mountain bike brands we have the know how and the bike for you. 

Giant Reign 29" Advanced For The Riders Brisbane MTB store

Looking for more places to ride? Check out our Gap Creek MTB Ride Guide and Castle Hill MTB Ride Guide.

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