First Ride: Santa Cruz Megatower

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Santa Cruz have dropped a bike shaped bombshell with the new Megatower. A slack, aggressive 160mm travel 29” weapon of trail destruction. The Megatower is designed to be the ultimate Enduro race bike, thriving on the descents yet a capable climber as well.

Numbers can only say so much though, and you’ve probably seen them all already. The proof is in the ride and we were lucky enough to have sales manager Jamie fly over to Nelson New Zealand to test ride the bike with Steve Peat because, we take our work seriously.

First Ride Report

I was  lucky enough to be able to ride the new Megatower at Wairoa Gourge Nelson which was the perfect setting to get the most out of a bike like the Megatower. The bike was put through all sorts of terrain, from off camber roots, to steep narrow single track and even scree sections.

It excelled at both high and low speed sections but most notably loved to corner hard. This is more then a result of good geometry. The new lower link driven VPP shock position not only creates a sensitive yet stable suspension platform. It also keeps weight low and central so you can control the bike with ease all over the trail.  

With 160mm travel front and back and a 65 degree head angle this bike was always going to love the decent. But, what happens when you point the thing back up? A 76 degree seat angle and short offset fork kept things comfortable on the ups. Using energy efficiently I found a steady rhythm to grind out that climb in anticipation of the next sweet descent.

The Result

Overall the bike is a weapon and lives up to all the hype. If you’re after a do it all enduro race machine the Megatower needs to be on your radar.

If you want a complete bike ready to roll or frame only to build that dream bike check out the Megatowers here or contact us for more. We will also have a Megatower joining our demo fleet so you can take one for a spin yourself! 

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