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The QLD mountain bike race season is about to kick off with both Enduro MTB and Downhill events! Whether you're out their to have some fun or  going full tilt against the clock it's sure to be a good weekend out. To make the most of it we've put together a list of four MTB race essentials to make sure you haven't missed a detail coming into this weekend and are ready to leave it all on the track.

QLD Enduro mountain bike racing For The Riders


You can't go fast if you can't see where you're going. Since the QLD Enduro series and DH races require you to wear a full face helmet goggles are going to be the choice here when it comes to making sure you've got clear vision un-interrupted by dust and debris or stop you from blinking like mad at high speeds. We've just landed some MTB specific goggles from Smith, the 'Squad'. These are shaped specifically for mountain bike helmets, have incredible ventilation and high quality lenses for optimal visual clarity. 

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You can't go fast if you can't lean into those turns or throw on the brakes with confidence. Good, fresh, tyres are an essential. Old tyres are also more vulnerable to punctures which we all know can easily move you from race winner to race loser. Luckily we've got both Maxxis and Goodyear tyres available for you to chose from. To top if off you can even buy one Goodyear tyre and get your second at 50% off! Use the code 'VERYGOODYEAR' online or just swing by the store.

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Mud Guard

Although you can sometimes get away without this one there's no doubt this weekend is shaping up to be seriously wet! The feeling of being petered with mud from your front tyre as you try and eye off that next turn is not what you're looking for when racing and easily fixed. Rapid Racer Products have a range of products to suit whether it be the more minimalist 'Enduro Guard' or the 'Pro Guard' the best possible protection. 

Bike mud guard Brisbane MTB shop For The Riders

There you have it, three small additions to your race preparation which can make a world of difference to the outcome of your race. If you're chasing any other advice for racing requirements just come in for chat. Otherwise, good luck racing!

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